Full Moon at Philippi Park

My favorite memory is truly being able to spend time with family and friends in a real remote and nature filled environment. However, this is my favorite story of mine.

We, as a family, went out to go tubing on the new Bennington boat. While watching one by one people get flung off the tube. I decided to take my chances at holding on as long as I could. As I got into the bath water like river, I clinched my hands around the tube straps and braced for the impact I was going to endure. As the boat started, so did the music and laughter. I was doing pretty well going back and forth through the water, skipping like a rock. When all of a sudden I could feel my board shorts starting to slip. As I was being drug through the water, I had noticed the string on my board shorts had broken. Without any hands to hold my shorts. I had to do what I could only do at that time, hold on and hope for the best. Without anyone else knowing my situation my uncle was going to make a pass close to the boat dock, which was where most of the female family members were relaxing and sun bathing. As we made the pass by that is when my shorts could not hold on any longer and mooned the majority of the family members on the dock. This was a moment I will never forget.

Kyle McSmith